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Providing your guests with a soothing, undisturbed, unsurpassed sleeping experience: isn’t that your ultimate goal? No matter how great your hospitality, services, facilities and your food: in today’s hectic world, your guests first and foremost expect an excellent sleep quality – life’s simplest luxury.

Lieven, Gaëlle and the entire Suitenings team all share your goal. Having held management positions in large international companies for many years, Lieven travelled extensively around the globe. Quite often, he was disappointed about the sleeping comfort in hotels. As the CEO of latexco, he is now perfectly positioned to raise the sleeping comfort to new levels. Gaëlle, for her part, has many years’ experience as a business manager in both the furniture and the international hotel and tourism industries.

Suitenings combines the experience and passion of Lieven en Gaëlle with the outstanding bedding products of latexco, a leader in high-quality bedding solutions since 1955. The result: a trusted partner that helps hotels, resorts, B&B’s, holiday homes delight their guests by offering cocooned ‘sweet dreams’.

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At Suitenings, we firmly believe that a superior sleep experience is at the core of every guest experience.
To help the hospitality sector ensure that outstanding experience, we deliver premium, latex-based bedding solutions. Suitenings products let your guests indulge in one of life’s simplest – yet most important – luxuries: a great sleep and the sweetest of dreams ...

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